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Fall 2018 Active SNA Members

Class of 2019

  • Molly Brenner
  • Victoria Citta
  • Jessica Decord
  • Lauren DeCoursey
  • Briana Gosselin
  • Kayla Mosser
  • Mikaela Pollicino 
  • Jessie Riddlestorffer 
  • Briana Tattory

Class of 2020

  • Jenna Atzert
  • Megan Jew
  • Ana Herrera-Rivera

Class of 2021

  • Seana Cleary
  • Sydney Doyle
  • Marie Hines
  • Gabriele Ochinegro
  • Srushti Patel 

Class of 2022

  • Andi Aggarao
  • Hailey Dushay
  • Julia Gladstone
  • Caroline Kowalski
  • Malory Mullen
  • Jaimie Rue

*If you were not awarded Active Member Status and you believe you fulfilled the requirements, send an email to the SNA Account. (

Want to Be an Active Member of SNA?

To attain Active Member Status one must submit the $5 dues, become a member of the NSNA, and attend a minimum of 6 SNA functions (three of these must be events). All Active Members receive a letter signed by the SNA President and Faculty Advisor.

ALSO, membership in NSNA is a requirement to be an active member in SNA at TCNJ. There is a fee you must pay. Upon presentation of financial hardship, other arrangements can be made.

Click the button below. It will take you to the website where you can sign up for membership for NSNA and NJNS.

NSNA Membership Sign-Up